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Limited Edition Smart Shake


My friend from England went to Body building grand prix in the UK and got me a Limited Edition black and gold Jay Cutler Mr Olympia Smart Shake.

U jelly?


But does it represent to you the accurate of a bodybuilder?



You can purchase them at that site for $19...not jelly




Mine was free so fuck u jase, trollin me today ain't u!


Yes, I have nothing better to do today than troll you and all your ridiculous posts/threads...please continue to contribute to the forums so I can have meaning in my life.


Fuck you Jase, Fuck you in the ear...


do i have to order online to get this? or do they sell in relevant canadian stores

this would actually be very convenient but i refuse to pay shipping


Looks gay. Now, if it was the ultra limited edition..


Does this mean you guys are dating now?


My parents would kill me if I were to enter into an interracial relationship!!


I actually lol'd!


I was at the Body Building Gran Prix too and picked up what I thought was a Limited Edition Elite Balla Smart Shake turns out it was just a sneaker that someone glued a lid on.

but yeah it works pretty well.