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Limited Cash Supps??


I'm sorta limited on funds, and I'm really not so hot on supplements anyway. I'm taking l-glutamine, creatine, protein of course in powder form, and fish oil and plenty of other things less pertinent-to-lifting, like CoQ10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

My question is that since I'm interested in Carbolin 19, Alpha Male, and BCAAs, what will the best bang for my buck be? If you had a limited amount of cash to purchase supplements with, how would you divide it among the three supplements?

A very limited supply of all 3...a lot of Carbolin 19 ...a lot of BCAAs...a lot of Alpha Male...a moderate amount of Carbolin 19 19 and Alpha Male...

Mix and match. Opinions appreciated. I'm thinking probably all Carbolin 19, but if the stack with Alpha Male is really good I'd consider it, or if BCAAs are really good bang-for-the-buck then maybe Carbolin 19 and BCAAs.



I'd scrap the BCAAs. Just my opinion. Btw if your not taking Surge post workout that would be the first step I would take. Its not "necessary" but definitley is a first class product and much more useful to your long term goals than the other products you listed.


You realize that you don't have to use any supplements, right?

However, if I had to choose just one it would be Biotest Surge. This is assuming that my protein needs were already being met. If not, I'd go with Metabolic Drive.

As for the products you've mentioned, Carbolin 19 is my favorite.


I am well aware there's no need to take any supplements. Thanks.

Surge is pretty expensive, about a dollar a serving or more, is it HONESTLY worth 3-4x more than plain whey protein? I realize it initiates a hormonal reaction, and has extremely fast-acting protein...

I'm definitely getting enough calories and protein BTW.

I read a bit more about BCAAs and decided they were too expensive and too questionable in their effiacacy (esp since I eat well) for my liking.


In short: YES! Just buy one tub, see how you recover and feel after workouts, as well as how you feel the next day, and how you feel during the next workout. I know I feel much better during those times having taken Surge. I'm on my 3rd tub, and before that I was working with chocolate milk and pop tarts. Surge is 3948324594052342389048239023484239 times better. I would say its definitly worth a shot, whats the worst that can happen? You're out 21 bucks? Not THAT big of a deal, even though you're on a budget.

What are you doing for PWO meal as of now?

About your supps, I think since those supps you're interested are involved with horomone balance and such, we'd be able to better judge with your age and lifting experience.


Stick with the basics for your money: PWO drink, MRP shake, eat clean, sleep as much as possible. Probably best way to make the most of your $$ when you're limited



Forgot that didnt ya?

Only 9 bucks


I already take Zinc and Mg, so until I run out I probably won't get any ZMA. Thanks though.

Right now I have a mega-shake PWO with about 17-34 grams of whey protein, some cottage cheese or ricotta cheese (IIRC it doesn't slows down the absorption of whey), milk, greens mix (Udo's), a lot of fish oil that provides about 3:2 EPA:DHA, a banana, creatine, glutamine, flax seed(2tbsp), and yogurt (not a ton of yogurt though).

I have the same thing before bed minus the greens and creatine/glutamine, and more cottage cheese. I get about 70-80 grams of protein each time, and 800-1000 calories.

I'm going for over 4000 calories a day, preferably about 4500. My metabolism is WICKED fast.

I've been lifting seriously for a few months (5-6) but I knew plenty about form and exercises before that. Lifted some in HS, now I'm 19 and a sophmore in college.

I'm doing ABBH. I am 6' 175, BF about 8%, deadlift about 300, not sure of max squat right now and bench max 200.

I want to bulk to about 195-200 with about 6-7% BF as a finished product, so I expect to get to about 210 before I need to cut.

When I get to 185ish I'm going to do what CW recommends for "an equal product of strength and mass" and when I hit 200ish I will slooooowly pack on quality muscle with the emphasis mostly on strength.

I'm basically a recreational lifter, I enjoy lifting and I like the idea of being strong. I do interval work and enjoy aerobic stuff like running and cycling, and am doing some GPP.

I don't think I need the Alpha Male at all. I'm going to try a 12-week cycle of Carbolin 19, and as someone in the thread recommended I will soon buy a bottle of Surge to try it out. Can you mix 1 scoop with 1 scoop of whey protein? That would be good for my wallet

Thanks for the help, and any advice based on my stats is greatly appreciated!


Oh yeah, I'm the definition of a clean eater, thanks to my parents. Mostly organic foods, seldom processed foods, my whole life.


IMO, protein, creatine, a good multi and fish/flax oil is about all you need... The others are not neccessary if your diet is in check.


Oh ya"? Where do you get it from, which brand are u using?


How about you stop the l-glut, and maybe even the creatine, the CoQ10. Fish oil and protein are great, I would add just Alpha Male, and save yourself some money. it also depends on what your goal is, if its size go with Alpha Male, creatine and protein, but i think you are taking alot of other supps u dont need. glutamic acid is already present in protein, its an amino, and higher doses havent been proven effective. I think you should stick with those 3 supps, lift heavy and eat properly. good luck


Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Alpha Male a testosterone booster? It seems apparent that he has plenty of T, especially since he's 19.

I may be wrong, but who knows.

And not to high-jack, but I have a rediculous metabolism too, I'm almost 150 Lbs. (Started at 120) and I haveto eat almost 4500kCals to even make my weight budge.

It's a blessing and a curse.


I'm 19 and have tried T boosters in the past. I haven't noticed much in the weight room when I'm using them. I think its basically a mental thing.

If you are really eating as clean as you say you are, and are getting almost 4,000 cals a day...taking your PWO shakesk, etc...I don't think there's a need for anything extra.


Take the Carbolin 19 and Alpha Male. Throw in Flameout. Forget the BCAA's just eat a lot of lean protein and good quality protein powder. You would also do yourself a favor if you used Surge and Biotest Metabolic Drive. It is the best bang for your buck on the market.


I would lose everything except the Carbolin 19 and Surge. I would add in Metabolic Drive and maybe Flameout.

On a side note, if your current zinc supplement is a pill bound with a calcium filler instead of a capsule like ZMA it's a waste of money, because your body will preferentially absorb the calcium over the zinc.


Lots of great opinions, thanks guys!

My Zinc is definitely not bound with Calcium, in fact I take supplemental Cal but I take the Zinc at night and Cal in the morning. I didn't know they made Zinc with calcium fillers, that's ridiculous!

I think the CoQ10 offers enough of a possibility for heart health that it's worth taking, I don't expect anything performance-wise though.

The l-glutamine, I realized (too late, after I'd bought) is probably crap. Definitely not buying it again.

I have a ton of creatine so might as well take it 'til it runs out, but again I haven't noticed anything stellar from it. My reasoning is that if it speeds recovery slightly, it's pretty cheap, so why not.

I think the Alpha Male is a bit expensive considering my youthful T-levels, so it's Surge and Carbolin 19 for me.

Further opinions/discussion still greatly appreciated


Dude? Do you even understand the point of postworkout nutrition? Tsk tsk man, thats gotta absorb damn slow...


I think you may be right, although I figured the whey absorbed quickly enough that it wasn't too terrible.

Okay, okay...I will atone for the error of my ways by taking Surge from now on, I promise. BUT I will still have two ultra-caloric P+F shakes per day, one within two hours of my workout. Better?


Really? After reading through what you're currently taking and your wish list, I'd say you're REALLY HOT on supplements. You sound like you're in denial...

You really shouldn't. Surge is formulated to be taken as is. You can add creatine to it, but that's about it. Any attempt to "boost" it will be a waste of your money, which is what you're trying to avoid, right? Wait about an hour, then take your scoop of regular whey protein.