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Limited Budget

I’m already at a pretty low bodyfat (~6-7%), but I want to be as ripped as possible for spring break. I only can afford one supplement so what should it be?

what is your bodyweight, height, weight, age, and budget? my guess is you concern yourself far too much with bodyfat % so you probably are a light weight. if that’s the case then try eating more and putting on some mass. should be easy to do at 6%. if my assumption is wrong, and you’re already 225 lbs. and 6%, then i suggest dieting severely w/ MAG-10.

This may not be the answer you’re looking for, but the best supplement is food. Good, clean, food. Read the “Foods that Make You Look Good Naked” article and spend your money on those. If you’re really looking for an additional supplement, get something you can use post-workout like a good whey protein or something like Surge, or a thermogenic like MD6.

also, how do you know you can only afford 1 supplement?!? every one costs different!! for example, 3 bottles of MAG-10 will cost you $200 up front and lasts 3 two week cycles, equaling to $66 per 2 weeks. On the other hand, 3 bottles of T2-pro runs you $80 and will last you a long time and be cheaper.