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Limited Budget Right Now


I am a student, and currently lower on funds than usual thanks to the loss of my factory summer job due to the economic times. Usually my supplements include:

-Surge Post Workout
-Metabolic Drive Complete
-German Creatine
-Some Whey by the 10lb bag from GNC (only use Metabolic Drive on workout days, Whey on non-workout days)
-Fish oil

I typically follow a 5x5 program (Bill Starr’s for example), or WS4SB3. My goal is strength and weight gain. Not too worried about being super ripped, or developing any certain muscle like a body builder might. Squats, Deadlifts, Bench, Rows, Pull ups are the foundation of my lifting always.

So, what do you guys think I could do without? What are the most important ones?

Anything that can be obtained from a local GNC that will do the trick for the time being? (I live in Canada so shipping and duty, plus the exchange rate makes the Biotest products expensive).


get some different creatine.
start drinking fishoil as its cheaper and in my opinon easier to get the grams in.

Also you can get cheaper ZMA’s.

don’t buy anything from GNC… cheaper somewhere else


Personally, there are 3 supplements I don’t go without:

Surge Recovery
Metabolic Drive

Surge and Metabolic Drive are such a staple of my diet that I consider them a meal as opposed to a supplement. If you don’t have the budget for Flameout, I would still find another fish oil supplement.

Creatine can probably be cut out for the time being.

Multi-vitamins… I don’t know. I have many opinions on them and most are negative. If I feel my diet is lacking in a certain vitamin (for me: vitamin D), I won’t take a pill with a 100 different ingredients “just to make sure I’m covering all my bases.”

ZMA: this is probably an individual choice and depends again on your needs.

Sell blood and semen or have an impromptu car wash-buy your supps…If you have a goal that you really want-you’ll figure some way to make the extra cash…

You can skim on some things but for supps I would go with the best variety you can find if your serious. You are what you eat brotha

I’d say get the MD.

And good food.

maybe the creatine.

you’re in college right? spend your money on beer and hot girls.