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Limited Budget Diet

I know this is not the best of eating plans, but it’s the best i can do on my meagre earnings and shitty hours.

Porridge with nuts and piece of fruit.

Protein Shake

2 sandwiches, one containing 4 chicken breasts, one containing peanut butter.
250g of egg fried rice.
Mixed nuts

Baked potato with cheese and baked beans

2 pieces of salmon, rice and possibly a beef sandwich.

Protein Shake.

What do you think?

I’m also taking fish oil and multivitamins.



it seems not optimal.

If I can feed three adults a high protein, mod carb, high fat healthy diets for around $120 bucks a week. You should be able to spend half of that. Better choices is all.

more green veggies, protein at every meal/snack.

What is/are your goal/s?

same old.

build mass and increase strength.


Definately more vegetables. Every meal revolve around protein, vegetables, and fuel in the form of either a starch or fat, depending on your specific diet. If your schedule doesn’t leave time for whole food then fill the gap with a shake.

So, as a practical matter, I’d replace the porridge with eggs, and lots of them. Lunch would be chicken breasts, broccoli and rice. Cook it the night before and put it in tupperware. Dinner would be Salmon and veggies with olive oil. Like that. You don’t have to eat the same thing everyday, just follow the Protein/Veggie/Fuel model, and plug in whatever you got.

As far as buying food on a budget, I don’t know if yall have price clubs in England, where you pay a yearly membership fee to buy bulk items at a discount, but they are well worth the price of membership. Over here they offer the best prices by far on the staples of eating big and eating clean. Tuna, Chicken Brests, Olive oil, Frozen Veggies, Eggs, Cheese, fish oil caps; they have all the things you need at prices the grocery stores can’t touch.

it’s not too bad. I second the eggs recomendation. Maybe try and add another meal before bed. it’s good though, considering you’re on a budget.

so, change the morning meal to say

Fried eggs on toast?

and add in some broccoli to the evening meal.


[quote]Sarpedon wrote:

2 sandwiches, one containing 4 chicken breasts[/quote]

Dude! That is a MANwich! Are you seriously eating 2 pounds of chicken between two pieces of bread? I’m impressed.

How many calories are you shooting for daily?