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Limited Amount of Nolvadex for PCT

I’ve been primarily planning to blast and cruise for life but after my first blast and a few weeks of cruising this fucking virus breaks out… even though İ gave arimidex on hand I never actually ever encountered any estrogen related issues so never touched that either but also never bought any nolva until now.
after driving around for hours visiting 50+ pharmacies I could only find ONE box of nolva(no clomid no hcg no nothing). my dealer is ghosting me and I do not trust any of the imbeciles at my gym telling me their shit is legit so here’s my issue;
how hard will it be for me to recover with only 1 box of nolva available ? (my blast was 400mg test e for 9 weeks and been cruising with 150-100 mg for around 2 weeks. testicles atrophied into almost half the size)

How much is in …

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Probably around 30 x 20mg

Why not try the T from the other guys and if it’s not legit you’ll likely start feeling it and can switch to the Tamoxifen. I can’t imagine they’d sell straight up fake T if they have to see you again in the future.

not fake t but it’s common around here to sell underdosed t with a little test prop in it to make you feel like you pinned . the hormonal fluctuation is scary since this virus hits your weaknesses in health.

and the box is unfortunately 30x10mg …

How underdosed could it be though? Couldn’t you do more frequent injections and get blood work done to see where it puts you and just use it as TRT for the time being? I don’t know what the correct answer is but it seems you aren’t totally out of options even though all current options aren’t ideal.

5mg nolva pharmaceutical works well. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3931502

Was the study done over 5.5 months? Or did I read that incorrectly? He doesn’t have enough to do anywhere near that.

I can’t get bloodwork done unfortunately. medical facilites are overcrowded with people thinking they have the corona.
since I don’t know how underdosed/test prop laced it will be (assuming I won’t be pinning some empty oil) dosing it for trt seems impossible to me honestly.

I was wondering THAT too. not the study specifically but general speaking would it be better to run a low dose for long or just blast what I have on high dose and jumpstart my shit.
doing it on a low dose for long makes me think my body will get used to the drugs help and stop producing T after I cut the drug
jump-starting it on a high dose makes me think it isn’t high dose dependant and that I will be just wasting what little nolva İ have

Use what you have for PCT then just go natural after. Your body should bounce back eventually even without PCT, the Nolva just speeds things up

I know that bro I just wanted to get a feel for how hard it’s going to be and what dosages should I go for to maximize the help I’ll get from nolva.

Hmm that I don’t know: either 10mg daily for 30 days or two weeks of 20mg daily. Don’t know which would have the bigger effect

The largest study of AAS users ever conducted just showed that PCT is functionally worse than simply stopping steroids altogether. So your most likely scenario is no real PCT and you recover naturally. Or just use the Nolva at 10mg/d for the 30 days and be fine. Or buy online and get what you need. Or buy online and get test and cruise. You have many choices, so don’t freak out too much. People are already going nuts as it is, so don’t give in to that temptation.

There is so.many sources online bro… quit panicking and look around

online shopping isn’t an option. too many counterfeits,scams and my country has a strict borderlaw for import goods so if you want to get anything like AAS or SERMS in you have to cough up thousands of dollars in bribery and also have connections to be able to do so.

I think your best bet is to either PCT with what you have or keep cruising. If I’m understanding well, you’ve run out of gear because your dealer is ghosting you?
I don’t know where you’re from, but I would look around on your local steroid forums, some have lab reps openly promoting themselves in threads - this is how I found my rep. PM’ed him, he asked me a few questions, and I had an order at my door all in 2-3 days time. Also lab reps are legit customer-oriented guys, they bank on their reputations and product quality so you can be sure that most of them are selling high quality stuff.

Also the reason why I’m saying local is because you have better chances of finding a rep that lives in country, which means shipping is domestic.

my dealer was already a local smuggler I met on THE forum we have in my country. our local labs are unreliable as well since that’s what the shit dealers sell here anyways (along with counterfeits of good ugl and actual pharmacy brands). I wouldn’t open this thread and waste everyone’s time if I had any other options

Understood. In your case then you make due with what you have. No way around it.

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okay I started my pct but now there is a friend of mine in town that has nolva that he says he can sell me. the thing is I don’t really know him very well so I just wanted to make sure how fucked I am if I don’t get more.
now that I have another (possibly dangerous because quarantine) option to acquire nolva, just how FUCKED would I be if I just do this 30 day 10mg nolva PCT (second day of the PCT right now)? maybe a couple months of low test symptoms after it’s done?
13th of last month was my last shot with 500mg test e and 250 eod for 4 days before that