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Limewire Substitute?


What are you guys using to get music now that Limewire is done?


Frost Wire with torrent pond.




Try Frostwire.




Haha, you guys and your torrents.


wtf is limewire? some kinda fruit juicer thing? but seriously if you're not using torrents you are still living in the 90s. download utorrent and peerblock, you'll be all set guy.


Nice going stimulating the economy with your pirating, fuckers!



utorrent with demonoid.me


Most of the music in on youtube anyway so I just use a youtube mp3 converter. Google it.



Going to the store and actually spending money on the product. Cheap asshole.


the only people that still use limewire either still jerk off to google boobies or are looking for child porn


Soulseek has everything.


Google boobies


You're not still paying for porn are ya?


a local record store




a private torrent site (not demonoid, demonoid=gay)




As overstand mentioned and I hinted at, I'm quite certain you cannot buy the type of porn the OP is looking for from your local smut shop.


I think i have a problem. when at the computer (ever since I've used Kazaa yrs ago), I'll open the program and look at how fast the DL speeds are, constantly. Like every 2 mins.

anyone else do this?


Constantly. lol.
If it gets too slow I'll pause it then start it again hoping it goes faster.