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Limewire Doesn't Work


hey for all the guys that have and use limewire maybe you could help me out. Limewire doesnt ever work on my computer anymore and it always used to. He doesnt get a signal for some reason, ive tried updating it and i even turned off my firewall and nothing. It has 0 bars kind of like a cell phone. i always did not update my program or wat ev u call it. Ive been using windows xp the whole time. Anyone what could possibly be the problem?


I sometimes get that too.


click on file and then connect, that may be the problem.


crod, i have this problem every single time i turn limewire on. What I do, I literally just wait 15minutes and check back onto Limewire and find that it has a full connection. I don't know what the problem is, but it works in time. Give it a shot.


Set it's priority to high through task manager and run it as administrator, then give it a few minutes. I have the same problem, the above fixes it for me.


Perhaps your ISP blocked P2P sharing? This happened to me, and with torrents too at my old house.

Limewire is so outdated anyway, and full of viruses - forums are the way to go.


do you have a firewall? disconnect it.

and ive heard Limewire is really shit anyway, full of spyware. so maybe uninstall and get something else anyway.


Why does everyone say limewire is full of viruses? I imagine that its decently true, but I've had it for 3 years and I've been problem free. But I agree, forums are a much better choice. I hardly ever use limewire now.


Any programs I ever tried downloading and/or cracks/keygens would 99% of the time turn out to be viruses. There was a smily-face-iconed exe about 286kb which literally wiped my pc clean in about 3 seconds - formatted drives A-Z. I had fun with this when I wanted to get somebody back.

Warez-bb.org & xsharex.info are by far the best forums ever for all your needs.


Sorry to hijack, but what are "forums" and where/how do I use them? Is it like a torrent?


Not to rip on you man, but downloading programs and cracks and .exe' in general via Limewire is just asking for a virus. If you stick to the mp3's then there's no worry.


I was but a mere teenager venturing into the world of the unknown.

That's my point though - I never, ever get viruses anymore after switching from P2P. Torrents aren't 100% reliable because you need to have someone to download from.

One drawback is a rapidshare account which costs $6 a month and which allows me full speed downloads, over 10gb a day. Small price for great warez.


I have the same problem. I like to download books on tape to listen to while driving and NOOOOOOWWW I can't download anything.


Haha...your like those old guys wandering around asking everyone if they've "seen my glasses" only to realise their on their head!!

Dude, your on a forum right now....


Uh-oh! The feds are on to you, man!
Just put the mouse down, and back the fuck away... slowly.


thanks guys, i acualy found out what was wrong. I just put it on and waited like 2o min and like someone on this thread said it just gained a connection


xaliasx is another good one