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Limber 11 for Upper Body?


Doing Limber 11 prior to legs has done wonders, I think. Just PRed tonight 355x2 with gas in the tank on squats. I just feel better all around.

So.. is there a limber 11 for upper body? My shoulders feel pretty beaten up right now, my left shoulder has been clicking and grinding for quite a while. I feel like I need some extra mobility or warmup to get them ready. I've mostly been doing shoulder dislocations but not sure that is enough.


Simple six.

I can’t remember how much attention it gave to the Tspine but I’d give lots of attention there.


Here’s a great one from Smitty. “The Feel Better Right Now Shoulder Exercise Combo.” Great, with special work just for the T-spine. All you need are a couple dumbbells.


I’ve been looking into trying Indian clubs. From what I’ve read they’re great for increasing mobility, flexibility and strength in the shoulders and rotator cuff and wrists.

I was planning on heading to the dollar store this aft to see if they have plastic bowling pins or kids baseball bats I can fill with sand. Start around 2lbs I would thinks.


[quote]tsantos wrote:
Simple six.

I can’t remember how much attention it gave to the Tspine but I’d give lots of attention there.[/quote]


There’s a link here in this thread. I’ve been doing it every upper body session since then and it works exactly as advertised.


Ahh simple six. Sounds good. Thanks for that.

I definitely got some shoulder dysfunction that needs working out…


Also with the upper body the time away from actively mobilising it is crucial.

I used to:

  • sleep on my side, half twisted.
  • sit over my meals
  • jump on the train, lean on the wall, head angled down, reading or looking at my phone
  • get to work, almost lay in my seat rather than sit in it
  • get home and slouch into the couch
  • never holding my shoulders back.

Then wonder why 10 minutes upper body stretches per day wasn’t sorting me out?

Also, one exercise I really like is standing up, bend at the elbow, hand behind your back so your Palm is facing away from your lower back and your upper arm is along side you.

Bring the elbow in line with your wrist (you can use a wall to get a stretch), make sure your shoulder does track forward and your posture is good.