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Limb Length

Hello all, I’m a new poster here and a relative newbie at weight training as well…

I’ve got a problem that I can’t find discussed about in the archives - my right arm is noticeably longer than my left, and on the big bilateral lifts I can feel the torque and the additional stress on my left side very keenly. In deadlifts I tend to sway to the right, in front squats my right arm gets really uncomfortable trying to hold the bar horizontal etc etc.

Anyone else with such a problem? Any ideas on what kind of problems this might cause in the long run? Any possible solutions? I’ve been thinking of maybe using unilateral lifts more, or… I don’t know.

Any help will be greatly appreciated…



Go to a chiropractor, my brother had one arm and one leg about an inch longer than the opposite side (he was basically leaning the whole time). They straightened him within a year, but he was pretty young at that time so that might have made it easier, what do I know. I’m pretty sure his problems were caused by scoliosis, but either way, see one of those chiropractors, they pretty much know what they’re doing.