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Lilliebridge 815 DL


Training max not competition but impressive regardless....and he's only 20...which blows my mind.


That kid is redonkulous.


That looked way too easy. This kid is amazing.



I still swear I hear servos and hydraulic motor spools shift when some of these guys lift.


Bloody hell....


Insane. The dude looks like a D-1 defensive end.


Yeah but i'd like to see a D-1 defensive end do that! If anybody knows one that can DL 800 with just a stinking belt I sure as shit would like to see it.


That's one very strong kid.


Oh hell ya no doubt.


Anybody else think that he's gonna break a grand and give Andy Bolton a run for his money?



I'll wait until he hits 900 before I say that, but it certainly seems he has the talent. He did have a pretty significant injury this year that hurt his deadlift, so that makes this lift all the more impressive.



Sounds like they enjoy some Bodom.


The higher the weight goes, the longer it takes to advance. It took Bolton over a year (if I am remembering correctly) to add just a little bit to his record.


If they trained for it, I have little doubt that any SEC defensive end could deadlift 800 in 1-2 years


keeping in mind he missed 1000+ several times due to grip. including a very easy looking 1014.


ANY SEC defensive end could DL 800 raw with 1-2 years of training?

Come on.


Okay, well once he goes equipped I think he'll DL 1000+ before he's 30. Same with squat. I think he could hit 1000+ within a year or two if he goes equipped. He's gonna give a lot of lifters a run for their money. If this kid stays on pace, he'll have a 2750 total by the time he's 30.


Every time I've talked to him at meets he's SUPER nice too. He didn't lift but just hung out and worked the monolift for everybody during squat warmups at the last meet I went to. Class act.


I'd probably agree with 600 but 800 is beyond ridiculous.


i completely agree, i think people constantly overestimate the strength of football players, there has been some pro football players that have done some meets, and they haven't done very well.