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Lil Wayne: Get A Life


Thought this was appropriate.

I like it, who says nay?


I don't even know what possessed me to press play, Im never gettin those 30 seconds that I listened to back.


He shouldn't quit his day job...of being a rapper that is.

He looks like a plonker.


except he should quit being a rapper as well.


its sad to think that song is gonna make some money.....its garbage.


Lil Wayne is a troll.


LOL...good stuff.

I still can't believe no one in his camp told him the rock album was gonna be a bad idea. I may like Lil Wayne, but I cannot defend this.










appropriate name for that track. I just don't get it he is literally the worst, mush-mouth MC I have ever heard and yet people buy the shit out of his albums. Sure there is no accounting for taste I mean people are buying the shit out of Twilight DVDs but I'm talking friends who otherwise have pretty good taste. He is just horrible.


absolutely horrible, my fucking head hurts...


Whatever, I have listened to this track like 50 times just today. Okay, that is a lie, but I did listen to it once before I started work this morning. It's a decent song, not his usual style and nothing of the variety that would go towards his GOAT record.

I just like the lyrics, crack me up. And his dancing/movements whatever, made me laugh.


Well he is convinced that he is a genius.


man I liked lil wayne back in the day...I mean he has made some catchy songs in the last years...lollipop was a club hit and a lot of girls go crazy for that shit...i don't know man..he just wants to sound like a fuckin GOBLIN of some sort in all his songs and now he just says shit just to say shit to make a record and make some money. oh well...oh and yeah this is absolutely horrible lol. but of course it will sell.


First there were whiteboys trying to rap on rock tracks and now we've got a gay rapper trying to rock with whiteboys.

EDIT : You can turn on the indy stations and hear this calibre of song getting played all day. I actually thought it was going to be worse.


The Carter 3
Like Father Like Son
We are young money
Da Drought 3
No Ceilings

90% of his singles.

All of these albums by Lil Wayne I love. That being said, this song isn't for me.

But i'll be damned if I have ever seen someone go this far out on a limb. This has to be on par with Metallica doing a symphony with the philharmonic, and possibly Run DMC doing that mash up with Aerosmith.

But i dont' think this album is going to be very successful, he relies wayyy too heavily on auto-tune and doesn't have much of a voice to start with. Plus he is doing pop songs, I think he would probably be better suited for metal songs ala Ice-T with bodycount.

Gotta give him props for trying something new though.


What the fuck was that shite? So now we not only have auto-tune destroying most hip-hop/rap/whateveryoucallit but now they are trying to ruin every other genre with it. I'm pretty sure he was just saying whatever was going through his head for 3 minutes, they can hardly be called lyrics.

Eurgh, excuse me while I go clean out my ears with a shotgun...


I agree entirely. Id put in Dedication 2 in place of We Are Young Money, and maybe add in Drought is Over 2 but thats almost exactly what I`d recommend too, lol.

People can call him a commercial rapper all they want, but it makes no sense and this stuff is a great example. The rock album is NOT a commercial move, because no one thought it would sell. He had more than a year of people telling him the record was going to bomb and no one would like it and he still released it. And he definitely knew there was going to be a backlash, hence him putting out No Ceilings. By comparison Jay-Z and T.I. are much more commercially inclined, especially on their last records respectively.

BTW the album actually came out already. In February, I think. No one even knew it came out because they didnt really promote it at all (again for the naysayers, they knew it wouldnt sell so they didnt waste money marketing it). And it still outsold 50 Cents last record first week- LOL.