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Lil' Nog to UFC



205 is just getting ridiculously deep. I guess I don't see Lil Nog getting a title shot but there are some good match-ups for him in the middle tier. I would rather see some of the mid tier guys go to strikforce instead of on undercards for the UFC, but maybe that is the point of all the recent signings.

My guess is that something is up. They have been signing a shit load of what I would call mid tier guys. Maybe TV deal. Lower and mid tier guys fighting on free or subscription TV, big matches on PPV. I find hard to believe they can keep all these guys busy on PPV events or that they are doing this to keep them out of SF.


Sign Mousasi and you have the Cadillac of all fight divisions.


D I think you hit the nail on the head when you said TV deal. Dana's been saying for month that they're super close to a great tv deal, so that's what I'm expecting. That coupled with their war on Strikeforce...


Agreed, I don't know why the UFC didn't pick up Mousasi after he won the dream middle weight tourny. Also why haven't they gotten mayhem? I mean he went toe to toe with GSP bad in the day, and didn't do too bad of a job.


We know why Mousasi is not in the UFC. M1.


But why?! I MEAN COME ON!


not sure what happened after the DREAM title. After Affliction folded, M1 told Mousasi that the UFC offered him 40k to fight and 40k to win. His contract with affliction was 125k to fight, i think.

Mousasi called Joe Silva and asked him about the offer. Joe said M1 never approached them (about Mousasi) and they would have certainly matched the Affliction offer.

Who knows what really happened but Mousasi seems to be indicating M1 lied about a lowball UFC offer to get him to sign with SF before the UFC made an actual offer. Mousasi said he would honor his current contract anyway.


I wonder how much Mousasi got paid outside of his $2000 paycheck for making Babulu visit the spirit world.

Strikeforce payouts:


Sounds like Buentello is also getting ready to come to the UFC. Hopefully they will get Yvel as well. That would give us some really good stand-up matches at HW. Amost any combination of Hardonk, Berry, Kongo, Cro Cop, Buentello, and Yvel would be worth watching.

Buentello vs. Hardonk
Buentello vs. Berry
Berry vs. Kongo
Berry vs. Cro Cop
Berry vs. Yvel
Cro Cop .vs Yvel
Kongo .vs Yvel


Kongo vs. Yvel would be interesting...they fought once before with Yvel beating the crap out of him.

dh,I think you meant Barry,not Berry. I actually think Barry should drop to LHW. He so fuckin short.


Ooooooh! excitement!


That's got to be a typo... right? RIGHT?!!?


No typo...don't know if you're talking about both statements or not.

Yvel beat Kongo in It's Showtime-Amsterdam MMA rules fight. It was an ugly fight. Neither looked good. Yvel love tapped Kongo to the face....and he tapped..lol.

And Barry is 5'11..and 230lbs. Reminds me of Rashad Evans before he dropped to LHW.


Barry...sorry. I wonder if he could make 205? He's seems pretty thick. 205 is pretty tough right now, especially with no ground game or TD defense. I suppose he would be in the 205 div where he is likely to be in the HW div, fighting other strikers.


Well he has held his own thanks to his low kicks. But he was submitted by the most basic guillotine choke his last fight. And he was murdering the guy standing up! And speaking of the winner,Tim Hague,he's a tough SOB that can make some noise in HW division as well.


Sorry Boss I quoted the wrong post. This is the one I couldn't believe.


Yeah,crazy isn't it? I assume he received a big check from M-1. At least I hope so anyways....fucked up if he didn't.


i am guessing Strikeforce paid M1 and M1 paid Mousasi. The 2k must have been a bonus or appearance fee of some sort.


Yeah I was going to say; a guy of mousasi's caliber getting two g's? That would be balls.