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Likely Maximum Possible Lifts Without Doping


Without accusing the best lifters in our sport of doping to get where they are but also being realistic, would anyone know of any studies or practical examples of possible accomplishments by weight class without the use of "external" aids?

For example, I had read somewhere that Bondarchuk (the Russian great hammer throwing athlete and coach) was quoted as saying the doping would add only a few meters to an elite throw (around 4 if I remember correctly?).
Anyway, I would be interested to know to what level would e.g. a talented lifter in the 94 or 105 kg class could reasonably be expected to reach by training smartly and hard and using only legal supplements.
Taking into consideration of course, that there are various "freaks of nature" that wouldn't fit the bill.


It's a hard question to ask, but there is no doubt that doping plays a role. I'm just gonna toss out a very objective number off the top of my head for a 105 lifter (for sake of discussion)... 180/210 at the highest.

On the American scene, look at Jon North. He's a 94 lifter and is snatching 160. I don't know if he's ever used 'performance enhancers', but give him a few more years and I'd like to see what numbers he is putting up then.


i just want to say that it is next to impossible for US lifters to use and compete at a high level just bc of the way usaw takes care of things, i dont want to say it can't happen and i've heard stories of other top counties with sketchy practices. with that said, that absolute freak of nature Kendrick Farris has cleaned and barely missed out on the jerk in a 218kg attempt at 85ish kg.


I completely disagree. The USAW has much, much greater problems than the fact that they're too gosh darn honest.


I know a lifetime natural who has clean and jerked 210kg at 105kg


The only trouble is some people would kill their granny before admitting they weren't natural, not criticising them just stating a fact!