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Likelihood of Low T?


So, the more I read leads me to think that I may very well have low testosterone(or another hormone?). I feel extremely tired, and often have a tough time making it to the gym. Those little "5 Hour Energy" things are my haven. They work wonders... for 5 or so hours, lol. I train really hard, I eat a TON, and I have no idea why my progress is so slow.

Example; I have a friend who started lifting and within 6 months he's stronger and much more aesthetically appealing than I. Anyone who could help narrow things down, or give some advice, would be appreciated. Oh, and here's the kicker, I'm only 18 years old. If further evidence is required, at 18, I don't have the urge to screw every attractive female around; it's awful, lol.


Get some bloodwork done to know for sure, but those are definitely the symptoms. Once you get the lab work completed, you and your Dr. can go about tracking down the root cause.


Or you could just be over training. Have you ever had "those urges" about attractive females?

Also - ditch the energy drinks - they are hurting you a lot more than helping at this point. They basically overstimulate you and leave you more tired than before.


Yeah, I've been thinking about seeing the Doc, but I'm usually really busy.

Pcdude, I thought about over-training, and that could be it. But, I don't spend more than an hour in the gym at a time, once a day, maybe 5 times a week(it varies), and I eat like crazy. Oh, yes I've had those urges, lol. Makes me wonder because it feels like it's declining as of late(past 3-4 weeks), which would be consistent.


I would cut the 5 hour drinks (see my edited post), take a couple of weeks at a MUCH reduced training level, and see where you are at that point.


Get a bloodtest on your own. Private Labs MD. Go in before work since most labs open before 8. Takes 10 min tops depending on how far away from a LabCorp you live.
-Get female hormone panel (CBC, Comp metabolic, lh, fsh, TT, E2) for around 50 bucks. Test results in 24 hours. I know it's female but it won't say that on the lab report.

Otherwise you're just in the dark.


With as much tact as possible, I think that's crap... for my situation, lol. Before the 5 Hour Energy 'shots' I crawled into the gym and made no gains whatsoever, for months on end. I usually buy an 'Extra' and use it for two days. I see gains now, as I have energy and alertness to train, but they're still pathetic.

I have been training at a reduced level lately; much less volume, but higher loads. That seems to be working better than the high volume I did before. Still, though, I feel it could be much better.


I'll be a full-time student in a week and a half, so before 8 is no problem right now. This may be a little ignorant, but what's a "LabCorp?" Is that like some lap place that's independent of a hospital, I've never heard of one, assuming it's a 'brand,' so to speak. So closeness may be an issue.


Sorry for the misunderstanding, but from your posts, it appeared as if you were feeling well up until recently, and low testesterone is not something that comes up on you suddenly (without injury or other drastic change to your body). If this is indeed an issue that you have been having for some time, by all means see a doctor or use an independent lab to get your levels checked. I was just trying to suggest a simple test to rule out CNS fatigue. Sorry again if I misread your posts.


It's basically a nationwide laboratory service company. They have a lab finding service on the website Private Labs website. You basically go and order for like 50 bucks, they email you the lab order forms, you print out, then you take it in to the closest location. They take the lab orders and you get your results the next day. Make sure you are fasting 12 hrs and you do it early AM. It's cheaper to go through your doctor but this is quicker.


Five hour energy drinks... do not know what they contain. But this seems like a stimulant response and your symptoms could be classic for adrenal fatigue. That is a huge topic itself.


No biggie, I can see how it may have come off that way; my apologies. However I do think the reduced volume has helped a little; as I'm not as horribly drained.


Thanks, like I said, I've never heard of it before. I checked their site out, and there's one like 25 miles away. I'll check my option with the doc and this. Also, pending what they find, will the doc accept their paperwork and begin treatment, if necessary?


They are actually named "5 Hour Energy," pending where you're from you may have heard of them. They're little shots that have a little caffeine and a boat load of B vitamins. That could be it; I'm being completely open-minded because I just want answers. But, I don't think it is. I wake up tired and drained and remain so throughout the day, regardless of stimulant intake/consumption(other than e.g. that 5 hour period, before and after).


A little timeline concept here;

About a year ago(it was sometime in the Summer), I went to the doctor telling him almost what I've said here, minus the lifting part. I was always tired, drained, and all that; regardless of sleep patterns and diet. He had blood work done, tests came back negative for a bunch of stuff(Lyme Disease, etc... lol), his office called the next day with his recommendation being to "take vitamins everyday." Yep. Mhm.

So this is no new thing.


Once you get your tests and if they are low/low normal (<400ng/dl), I would bring those to your doc. If they're between 400ng/dl-650ng/dl, I would follow pcdudes advice and cut back on your exercise and eat more calories. If they're above that, it's probably something else. Exercised-induced hypogonadism is a terrible thing and can take years to recover. If you take to doc and he immediately recommends TRT, peace out and find a new doctor. A good one will attempt to solve and use TRT as a last resort. TRT is an awesome thing for THOSE THAT NEED IT, it's by far not a panacea. Many guys feel worse on TRT bc it's not what they need. I apologize for the tangent.


No, no, no, tangent appreciated. This is exactly the stuff I need to know, thank you.