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Like Father, Like Son


I was in the gym yesterday getting a squat workout done. I started out with some o-squats, then went on to front squats, and finished off with some reverse hypers. the whole time i was in there, only two other people were in the gym. Obviously a father and son duo. The father was an old fat guy with a pony tail and a huge bald spot. the son was about 20 or so and couldn't have weighed more than 130 pounds , but was sporting the beginnings of an impressive beer gut that might one day rival his old man's, all of which was barely contained in a dve mathew's band t-shirt.

the entire time this team was in there they pumped out endless sets of concentration curls with tiny little weights. that's right, in the time it took me to get an entire workout in, these guys had not even finished thier concetration curls.

during a momentary lull in the effeminate music that they blast throughout the gym (think rod stewart minus a spine and plus ome ovaries) i overheard parts of thier conversation. "thank god we don't do squats, dad" the younger guy said. "yeah, we don't want to mess up our backs and knees" came his reply. then the tstosteroneless wailing of the radio roared back to limp-wristed life and drowned out the rest of what they had to say.

this little snippet of conversation got me thinking though. your father sets the example for you of what a man is supposed to be. how sad it must be to have an example like that. and i quickly reached the conclusion "THANKS FOR NOT BEING A PUSSY, DAD!". seeing what could have very well been me had i not had a father that tought me the value of hard work and perseverance and set an example for me to follow made me appreciate him that much more. if not for my father, i might be that 130 pound guy with a beer gut struggling to lift weights that my little sister could crush.

when i got home after my workout i called me dad and thanked him for not letting me become a pussy.

if your father did the same for you, give him a call and thank him.


GREAT post


That was awesome. Thing is my dad was gonna let me be a pussy. I'm breakin the cycle bitches.


From your avatar, it appears that other issues might have been present.


i greatly enjoy alcohol. explain your avatar.


What is this father thing you talk about? I dont have one of those? Where can I find one?


Rah Knee- just out of curiosity, what city do you live in?


That was hilarious!! Too bad some parents dont let their kids SEE the way things really are!!!


Most of us eventually become our parents in many ways.....ugggh.