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Like an Engine ... (Motivation from Fedor)


Thought I'd share something that's been driving me to train like a madman in my weights, cardio and MT recently.

It's a line by Fedor in Part 2 of a great doco on his life (link below), where he describes how he trains "relentlessly ... like an engine."

"Like an engine." Just love that line. So simple, as is his training philosophy, but tells me of the focus and intensity Fedor brings to every minute he's in the gym, which makes him the champion he is.

Now I've never lacked the motivation to show up to the gym (or track). But of late I've found myself repeating those 3 words to myself every time I need a kick up the ass to remind me of why I'm there and how hard I need to work. They never fail.

Care to share the little things - a quote, a line, a picture, an image, a video - that reminds you to give your best to your workouts?



I repeat, “No pain… NO PAIN!” over and over. normally when I’m working out in my barn.


Thank you. Very very helpful.




I just watched this and feel the same way. Not because of any one thing, but just the intensity of it all. I don’t like anyone being better than me, and that’s usually what drives me. It drives me more like a violent storm, less like an engine.


Late in the set/workout: “This is what you’re here for.” (i.e. this is the part that makes you get better, which is why you’re doing this)

Also from Fedor: “There was a time when my family hardly had enough to eat. Now that I have more, I view every opponent as a man who is trying to send me back to that poorer period. That man must be eliminated.”


“Your a machine”…these are the words I have whouted at me everyday.


[quote]FightinIrish26 wrote:
I repeat, “No pain… NO PAIN!” over and over. normally when I’m working out in my barn.[/quote]

Me too. I’ve got a fire roaring while I’m lifting people in a horse cart in the middle of Russia.