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Like a Boss


30 May
Squats 3x5@185
Bench 3x5@135
Deadlift 1x5@225

1 Jun
Squats 3x5@190
Press 3x5@95
Row 3x5@115

3 Jun
Squats 3x5@190
Bench 3x5@140
Deadlift 1x5@235

6 Jun
Squats 3x5@195
Press 3x5@100
Row 3x5@120

8 Jun
Squats 3x5@200
Bench 3x5@145
Deadlift 1x5@245

10 Jun
Squats 3x5@205
Press 3x5@105
Row 3x5@125

13 Jun
Squats 3x5@210
Bench 3x5@150
Deadlift 1x5@255

15 Jun
Squats 3x5@215
Press 3x5@110
Row 3x5@130

17 Jun
Squats 3x5@220
Bench 3x5@155
Deadlift 1x5@265

20 Jun
Squats 3x5@225
Press 3x5@115
Row 3x5@135

22 Jun
Squats 3x5@230
Bench 3x5@160
Deadlift 1x5@275

24 Jun
Squats 3x5@235
Press 3x5@120
Row 3x5@140

27 Jun

29 Jun

1 Jul


3 Jul
Rest Day

Hammies are relatively tight today. Better stretch em out tonight. Despite skipping an ENTIRE week of lifting, I took yesterday and today off. Need to recover whats left of a routine.

Long term note: I’m going to give GOMAD a shot at the end of the month. See how it goes. Not looking forward to an extra layer of flub. However, the muscle gains will be well worth it. Love/Hate relationship.


4 Jul
Squats 3x5@255
Press 3x5@130 Failed. Bar came crashing down half way through the second set.
Row 3x5@150

6 Jul
Squats 3x5@260
Bench 3x5@180
Deadlift 1x5@305 Failed. Only pulled two reps out of my ass.

8 Jul
Squats 3x5@265
Press 3x5@130 Failed. Halfway through the last set.
Row 3x5@155

11 Jul
Squats 3x5@270 Failed. MASSSIVE Pain in the hip flexors. Unexplained.
Bench 3x5@185
Deadlift 1x5@305 Failed. Only pulled one rep out of my ass.

13 Jul
Squats 3x5@270 Failed. Pain never went away. Gave up out of raw anger.
Press 3x5@ —
Row 3x5@ —

14 Jul
Buddy convinced me to switch programs
Bench: 3x8@185
Dips: 3x8@ 35
Rows: 3x8@155
Pullups: 3x8@ 35

15 Jul
Dumbbell Curls: 3x8@40
Hammer Curls: 3x8@40
Tricep Pushdown: 3x8@10,11,12
Reverse Grip Pushdown: 3x8@7,8,9

16 Jul
Seated Press: 3x8@135
Arnold Press: 3x8@40
Front Raise: 3x8@35

18 Jul
Incline Press: 3x8@185
Dumbbell Flys 3x8@40
Rows: 3x8@155
Wide-grip Pullups: Pyramid 10 to 1.

19 Jul
Dumbbell Curls: 3x8@40
Hammer Curls: 3x8@40
Tricep Pushdown: 3x8@11,12,13
JM Press: 3x8@135,155,185

20 Jul
Squats: 3x8@225
Single Leg Press: 3x8@180,250,300
Calf Raises: 3x8@300,320,320
Cable Crunches: 3x15@11,12,13
Leg Raises: Didnt count.

21 Jul
Incline Bench 3x8@135 No spotter. I have short arms that cant get the bar over the notch without assistance on heavier weights. The most I could do alone was 135. =
Dumbbell Flys: 3x8@45
Rows: 3x8@160
Pullups: Pyramind 10 to 1

22 Jul
Dumbbell curls: 3x8@45
Tricep Pushdown: 3x8@13
EZ Bar Curls: 3x8@65
Dips: Pyramind 10 to 1


23 Jul
Squats: 3x5@235
Bench: 3x5@185
Deadlift: 1x5@255

Screw my buddies workout routine. Back to SS. 30 Pound reset on deadlifts and squats. Starting GOMAD in less than 2 weeks.


25 Jul
Squats: 3x5@240
Seated Press: 3x5@135
Rows: 3x5@155
Pullups: 3x10 widegrip


27 Jul
Squats: 3x5@245
Bench: 3x5@190
Deadlift: 1x5@265


29 Jul
Squats: 3x5@250
Seated Press: 3x5@140
Rows: 3x5@160

Due to flights and travel over the next week or so, I’ll be missing another week of lifting. Not particularly happy about this.



GOMAD starting Friday. Friday will also be the next time I can actually lift.


Guh. Okay Instant play recap here:
Went back to America for R