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Like A Boss! (SNL Video)



Samberg is legit.


His "I jizzed in my pants" video is hilarious.


I'm on a boat motherfucker!

This is actually a very catchy song.


Yeah, jizzed in my pants and on a boat are both totally awesome..

But I made this thread because I'd never seen the "Like A Boss" skit; that, and that song is pretty real if you're a careerist. Thank god I'm not :).


im amazed people think this shit is cool, why do record labels or investors even throw money at these dickheads, for fucks sake the worlds getting worse minute by minute.

Fuck im on a boat too, and t pain .


Holy crap, I just watched back to back to back Samberg vids... great stuff.



Yes, we should be truly angry at comedians when there are much greater problems in the world. Comedians are pretty much the root of all of the world's problems...Get a life dude and chill out.

I have all of The Lonely Island songs (I'm on a Boat, Lazy Sunday, Like a Boss, etc) The songs are pretty funny. If you liked this then you should check out "Boombox". That is probably my favorite of their songs




Your avatar is a skirt hanging on a wall.

High five?


The single was released in April of this year. The album - in February.

Would you like a drink with your fail?


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I think a lot of their stuff is amusing, but I'm on a boat IS NOT FUCKING FUNNY. Maybe it would be better without t pain, but I guess I'll never know. If I have to see one more facebook status about being on a boat or nautical-themed afghans, someone will die.

And to the OP, this song IS old news. You, sir have the fail. Not Rhinojockey.


Oh you want to start a rumble with the steroid section do ya ??

Bring your skirt, this shit is going down !!!


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