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Like A Boss (ft Seth Rogen)


I thought it was pretty fucking funny.


This was posted less than 2 weeks ago.



Mustard after the meal. It's been going around for quite a while.

Funny as shit though. All their videos are.


You know what's even stranger, is that whenever one of these OLD ASS Lonely Island songs are re-discovered (somehow,) people fail to see the fifty links to their other songs each time.

So then next week, I'm sure we'll have a thread about Being on a Boat.

Or Jizz in My Pants.

Or any of their other songs, really.




You guys are such whiny bitches lately.

Sorry for posting something funny.

Resume complaining about reposts now.


Apology accepted.

Whining about other people being whiny is ironic, to say the least.


hey did you guys see that "my new haircut" video?

totally awesome!