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Lignans From Flax

Does anybody have an idea how powerful the anti estrogenic effects of flax lignans are?

Is this effect significant or is flax best considered for it’s fiber and healthy fats?

I fully realize it won’t take the place of any anti E, I just mean in general for a non juicer, perhaps to combat xenoestrogens.


Conor, flaxseed lignans are only weakly estrogenic. Some naturally minded healthcare professionals believe that phytoestogens (of which flax lignans is one) compete for estrogen receptors in those whose estrogen levels are high and provide estrogenic support in those whose estrogen levels are low (typically women who are menopausal).

However, for your stated goals/purposes, I’d be a lot happier seeing you use Biotest’s M.

Thanks Terry,
I just had remembered reading Cy Wilson writing something about the estrogenic properties of flax and was curious, as I’ve recently increased my consumption of whole seeds.

I’ll stick with the heavy hitters like M to fight the war on E.

Regardless of its anti-E properties, you should be taking flax anyway.