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I am curious about other members diets. Specifically what are the lighter guys eating to put on weight. It seems like everyone says to eat roughly:
For a man my wieght/185lbs
4000 calories/day
250 protien
560 carbs
90 fats
This just seems like it would be hard to ingest all that. What are some of the ways you guys are doing it. To get 250 grams protien of healthy meat (chicken) at 22 grams of protien per boneless chicken breast is like eating ten a day. Is this the right statistic or am I mis-informed. What do you eat and what times, how much?


PS. I am on a bulking cycle


I am not particulary careful about my diet, being as I'm trying to gain weight (it is very difficult for me to gain weight, even harder to keep it).

Eat everything you see, and make sure the calories are where you want them. I think Shugart just wrote an article about a clean bulk, so check that out (it was very recent).

But hey, McDonald's has its place for some of us...I eat fairly clean most of the time, but am not adverse to eating shit to get more calories in.

It's worked for me, being as I've gained about 15 pounds since last August (and most of it is muscle).


I'm basically in the same situation. I weigh 180lbs but 4000 cals simply maintains for me. For me, protein isn't the problem. I struggle getting in 500g of carbs. When a decent meat isn't available in my dining hall, I use hard boiled egg whites, cottage cheese, or milk as a protein source. I eat 5-6 times a day and go for at least 30g protein at each meal. That plus pre and post workout shakes puts me where I need to be.


what pushed me from almost nothing gains and barely putting on weight was of course, fast food (plus nuts, fried stuff, etc etc etc).

true not particularly healthy, but yes, that whopper meal or even jus burger for 5 days a week definitely gave me the extra push I needed food wise... (relatively cheap but high on the numbers lol)

and now Im tryina limit my weight a bit for the summer n ghet a bit of abs showing, im simply doin wat im doin, but havin less of hte fast food + adding some cardio... :slight_smile:

(waits for flames on both "wanting abs" and ALSO "fast food" - its a good life lol)


If you have trouble with the carbs, buy a blender and when you have a shake popin 100g of oats (not cooked clearly) and blend. Ideally your source of carbs during the day should be from fruits/veg though.

I have oats in the morning for breakfast in a shake. During the day the rest of my carbs come from veg and fruit. Carrots have high levels of carbs, apples too, bananas have loads, pears have loads, etc...

Have a look here to find out which fruits/veg have highest levels of carbs:


On workout days you can also get in a nice fat portion of brown rice post workout, plus a decent PWO shake like Surge contains a nifty amount of carbs (52g i think).

Hope this helps.


I have a hard time believing people who claim they are eating 4000 clean calories.

I'm a 6'4" typical ectomorph. Fast metabolism, loose weight if I don't stuff my face with food type.

I was around 180lbs when I started really focusing on working out maybe 3 years ago. When people told me to eat a lot - I did, but I didn't really weigh my food or calculate the calories.

Then I broke 200lbs, and got stuck. Weight wasn't moving either way.

Well, I finally started really really calculating my calories. Proper protein / fat / carb split, 6 meals, etc. etc.

Guess what?

I was nowhere near where I should have been. I'm right around 226 right now closing in on the end of a bulking cycle of 12 weeks, and hopefully will get to 230lbs by week 12. I think I'm around 18% bodyfat.

I'm currently taking in around 3600 clean calories. Perhaps 3800 on days I need that extra food or the body just craves for it.

I'm still gaining.

So make sure you really know what you're eating, because I would like to see your 170lbs ass eat a bowl of oatmeal and lowfat cottage cheese the size of your head. :slight_smile: :wink:

Uhm. So yeah.


Also - 22g per BREAST? Are you sure the chicken hatched before that breast was removed?

Last time I checked a relatively large chicken breast was more like 46g of protein.

Again, makes me doubt you weigh your food.


Why? It isn't all that hard. Watch.


3 scoops whey protein
1 cup blueberries
1 banana
2 cups whole milk

that's about 800 calories


8 oz salmon
broccoli w/ olive oil
3 cups milk

900 cals

Second Lunch

8 oz chicken breast
1 cup cooked brown rice
3 cups milk

1000 cals


8 oz beef
sweet potato
3 cups milk

900 cals

That's an easy 3700 cals, with 325g of protein, in just 4 meals! Add a Metabolic Drive shake at bedtime and you've hit your 4000 calorie goal easily.

For the anti-milk people: just because Berardi doesn't recommend calorie-containing beverages doesn't mean that milk is not a clean food. And it wouldn't be too hard to add in two 800-900 calorie meals and take out the milk.

Really, when I'm on a bulk, I find it extremely hard NOT to eat around 4000 calories. It doesn't take all that much work.


Eating fast food to get more calories in is a crappy excuse people use to justify eating fast food.

A better approach is to eat more healthy fats to get the calories in: lots of nuts, natural peanut butter, olive oil, flax oil, avacado, Smart Balance butter, etc., etc. This is a smart way to pack in the calories.


I disagree. It just takes dedication. If you want it bad enough you will do it. I love eating too, so maybe that helped.

I was getting about 4600 a day at the end of my bulk previously, i considered it clean. heres the foods i was eating. Every thing on this list was eaten everyday, most more than once. I went from 185 - 215 in 4 months eating these foods. I put on some fat. Probably 1/4 to 1/3 of the weight i put on was fat. Probably because i would throw a pizza in every now and again on top of these foods... heheh....

ww bread
Rice Cakes

protein powder
Sliced Ham
Skim Milk

Ground Flax
Fish oils


Did you guys read my whole post? Come on, I expected more out of you.

I was saying I find it hard to believe that people who claim they can't gain any weight are eating those calories. I didn't mean to say that I can't imagine ANYONE eating that.

Durrr. Please read the whole post and then jump to conclusions.


And no offense to the 3 cups of milk with every meal...but that's a LOT of fat and sugar.


Yeah, and fat is baaaaaaad. Carbs are also baaaaaaad.

The truth is, adding milk to your diet is the cheapest, easiest way to add a bunch of quality calories to your diet. If you'd prefer to make bulking harder than it should be, go right ahead.

And I don't think you're going to offend the milk.


This info has helped a lot. thanks guys. it still seems that there is a lot of mixed information out there though. i mean how exactly do you "know" how many carbs, protien is in a chicken breast anyhow, because someone said so right?!!


Read labels.....


Accurate methods require a scale... after a while you can eyeball and get a good estimate.