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Lights Out


Just watched it for free on XBOX live. Great show. Check it out.


<3 Zune.


I liked the part where he broke the guy's arm


is the wife pissing anyone else off or is it just me?


Not a great show. Lead guy is a shitty actor- not a piece of emotion in him anywhere.

They're supposed to be from New Jersey but they all sound like they're from Hollywood, except the wife, who lets her very clear English accent slip through consistently.

The storyline is good. Could be fanfuckingtastic if HBO did it instead of FX, especially considering the dementia part. What a story that could make... but FX is not pulling it off.

Honestly I'd like to see it pulled immediately and someone else given a shot before they destroy the storyline.


Will not, cannot watch.

I'm tired of the old boxer giving it another go story.

Plus, and this is my real reason, they canceled Terriers. FX can F off.


So Irish, what did you think of the episode with Bas Rutten


Isn't that the dude from Fight Club?