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Lighting for Garage Gym?


I am in the process of getting some equipment to put in my garage to train.

The garage has no electricity so I’m a bit stuck for lighting. The best option I have found so far is the below:

I just wondered if anyone one on here has the same problem and what they use?


Would it not be possible to run an extension cable between the house and garage? You can always roll it up again once you are done.

Train instinctively. No need for sight.

car batteries wired up to some decent lighting

BigDug - unfortunately the garage is with a flat which is on the third floor so not really an option.

pf - thanks for the suggestion, not sure how I’d go about doing that but I’ll have a look on google.


i would put some hooks in the ceilings and hang camping battery lanterns off of them.

that way you have light, it’s removable, and u’re prepared for the zombie invasion