Lightheaded/Foggy Feeling After Test/Deca Shot

Hey guys,

So I’ve been into the scene for quite some time now, done several cycles in the past.

My last cycle was about 3 years ago, haven’t touched any aas since then.

Today was my first pin of first cycle in a long time, pinned 500mg deca, 500mg test.

No blood, no pain, honetly felt like a great smooth shot.

But have been feeling lightheaded/foggy for about an hour or 2 now, almost the same high like feeling you get when something like Molly is coming up.

Gear is 100% legit.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Could it have affected serotonin? or could it be a sign of blood pressure, not sure if i should feel worried about this.

Can’t remember if i experienced this before since its been a while.

No… neurological effects won’t become apparent a few hours after a dose

But serotonin expression will undoubtedly be effected in the weeks to come on nandrolone

Chances are it’s placebo, but there’s no way to tell for sure. UGL product can occasionally have trace toxic heavy metal contaminants, perhaps that could induce a feeling of light headedness, the same could be said for a vial significantly contaminated with foreign bodies and/or bacteria… chances are it’s in you’re head

Don’t take Molly on a gram of gear either… I shouldn’t have to say that, and I’m sure you know… but just as a precautionary measure… MDMA + nandrolone… Jesus… the serotonin depletion… ajdusjandjskzjznxnxn

So the rumors are true that Deca makes you depress? well thats demotivating

its my first time to run deca, i have used tren in the past, reason i went with deca this time was because tren makes me super aggresive and over emotional, get into fights with my wife etc, not good.

I been hearing about the deca mental side effect, i was hoping i’d be less bad than tren…?

If you react like this on tren (and become a dick to others… which there is no justifiable excuse for) then I’d recommend dropping the deca, it’s not worth potentially ruining a relationship over

Im not like that at al myself, im usually super chil, not an overthinker at all, never get mad easily or make fights, i just become a different person on tren, like over emotional, react to things i wouldnt usually react to, short temper etc, to the point i find myself like psychotic, just not me at all, results were amazing but the mental effect too scary for me.

Im so confused, i heard other people say who had similar experienced on tren, that deca doesnt have those mental effects, just sometimes down feeling in some people but not the mental shit? which is why i tried deca this time.

So its worse then? egh

At the moment i feel amazing, probably the D-bol, no negative effect at all, i dont hope the deca will ruin it when it kicks in : /

honestly i think deca is extremely overrated and the downsides arent worth any potential gains.

I’ve used tren briefly but all in all, i find i get all i need from test only and eating a clean diet.

From all i read, deca dick is no fucking walk in the park and i’d rather not risk years of potentially irreversible sexual dysfunction from such a drug.