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Lighten the Mood

It’s been pretty hostile around the forum lately and I figured I would lighten the mood.

I was at Golds yesterday and this lady came in and dropped off a woman that had to be pushing 75. This lady was coming up to me and asking how to properly use some of the machines because I think she thought I worked there because I had a golds tshirt on. I was showing her & she’d do about 2 reps and go somewhere else. she did this repetitively for about 10 minutes then said “to hell with this” & goes and sits down at one of the sales rep desks. I went to the bathroom after my workout and when I come out shes still sitting there but shes acting very sneaky… I come up behind her and she has a flask and a snickers in her lap. God bless her. haha.


Haha nice!

If she got to 75, then it’s a bit late to start now - was she seriously out of shape?

No, not really. She made my day haha.


This might be her.