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Light Weight! New Blog


Hey whats up check out my new website at jonnorthattitude.com daily articles, blogs, videos,and my new t shirts!


Going better mate, how about yourself?

Love the t shirts!

-at work, can’t check it out properly until I get home :frowning:





only if you post here more.

give and take.

quid pro quo.


Training has been hell I will tell you that. I thought we just might have a week off from the Arnold but nope, the first week back was one of the hardest weeks of training I have done. This week is even worse. The volume we are doing is insane! 5 sets of doubles max in both lifts squating after both workouts two and even three workouts a day. I have had trouble sleeping because of this training, I had to go down to the store last night around midnight and buy some niquel to help me sleep. I have been taking more cold and hot baths than ever and the food I am eating makes me want to turn anarexick. Coach is pushing the training hard right now becuase of the importance of our next meet, that is nationals. Nationals is the last chance qaulifier for the Pan Am games in Mexico witch I am currently on, I am the 4th guy on the team of 6, so I have to go out and hit a Pr total to keep my spot, Witch I will, I am very strong right now. Also coach is starting to get very upset with me about not taking down an American record yet, damn coach ok! lol Train train train and then train some more, thats all there is, go to a meet and “pull on the bar like your ripping the head off a lion” - Donny Shankle. Every part of my body hurts, but the weightlifter who listens to there body will never know what there body is really capable of, you will never push to the next level, you have to keep training no matter how you feel, train hard every day. Talk to you guys tomorrow. North 2012


awesome Jon. Congrats as well on the engagement.


Thank you, pretty excited about it.


Sounds like your ploughing on with your training Jon :slight_smile:



North you are a beast!