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Light Weight Baby! Walking Lunges 155x47 steps


I have been doing a lot of lunges since April because I had a meniscus surgery and deep squatting still causes a lot of pain and swelling. Lunges are great because they still kill the legs but they limit the ROM to parallel, and it also ensures that each leg is doing equal work, which is especially important after surgery. I have grown to like them and will still do them once I get squat heavier again.

I have used mostly dumbells, but yesterday a guy in my gym suggested I try them Ronnie Coleman style with a barbell in the parking lot. I'd done them once before in the gym, but I was going back and forth across a room so I got breaks to turn around. This was fun. I recommend to these to anyone. While they kill the legs, they are also good for conditioning.

I got 155x47 steps (24 right/23 left)


Hell walks. Nice job.


ugh 47 steps!? that takes some guts. walking lunges are fantastic! i use dumbbells and straps and the most i've done is 24 steps. with the db's my traps get so fried it's ridic. great for the glutes and hammies, too.

have you seen matt kroc's vids of him lunging a ~200lb log?


Thanks matko5!

Yea Kroc is a beast. His videos are some of the best out there.

I also do the lunges with dumbells normally. My best there is 47 steps as well, though I think the barbell is harder just because of the stabilization. I did the dumbell lunges stopping between each rep, which made it easier to get more.

That lunges I did in the parking lot felt much harder. I am really sore today!


I will also add that doing these relaly makes me appreciate how strong guys like Kroc and Ronnie Coleman are. Ronnie flings up 185 and 225 like it's nothing and looks like he's just walking through the park, and Kroc goes forever with that 200 pound log. It's just amazing.


Don't hurt the plates now bud. You need them for later.


Kroc is one of the baddest mothers around.


Just putting that 200lb log on your back is damn impressive.


The meniscus surgery, was it because of your insane training? I have never seen you do any light training ever. I do not know if you remember this, as you never seemed to answer to my comments, but I early on stated that you should not take it all out all the time to avoid injuries.

Forgive me my ignorance if your surgery is not training related, and best of luck with the healing.


That's the beauty of rubber plates. You can drop it and it will just bounce.


Hey man I'm sorry I don't answer the comments on You Tube. As you probably know from your videos, people post a lot of stupid stuff there a lot and I would rather than get into the comments, so I just don't say anything. I'm sure you deal with the same thing with your videos. I really do appreciate though when people give postive feedback, and it helps to motivate me, so thanks for your continued support.

The meniscus surgery when not training related. It had been torn for a little over a year, and it didn't pose a problem and I was able to train through it and go about my daily life, but it eventually started to bother me a lot and click constantly so it had to get fixed. It is doing better, but deep squatting still hurts a lot, so lunges are great. I do train hard most of the time, but I also take off weeks when I feel burnt out. Also, I don't really take videos of my less intense training, so that's why I'm going balls out in all the videos. Thanks for all your support man! I love watching your videos.