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Light Steroid Use at 18


hi guys, I'm 18, weigh 185 and have weighed this much for the past year or even more. I've had no big gains in strength and no change at all in height for the past year. Capable of doing 14 chin-ups a year ago, now, 15. If I were to start using steroids safely and with a lot more research of exactly how to do it, could I still suffer permanent damage in terms of future growth like facial hair and all the other adult changes that I still have to go through... Not too many physical changes though. Any help and advice will not be turned down or ignored, thanks!


my advice:

ask again in a few years


^what he said.

In addition, if you’re stalling at this level, your best move would be to post questions on training and diet in other parts of this forum instead.


You may be done growing in height but you should pack on more lean mass (muscle and bone) by the mere fact of maturing into a man. I have put on 10lbs of lean mass from 18 to 25 and I didn’t even lift in my 20’s.

Do not fuck with this process.