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Light Squat or DB Squat 3x10?

I am in my 60s and changing up my routine. I really have one day I need advice. on Friday I want to add some kind of light squatting movement before the Trap Bar Deadlifts. Would you suggest: Light Squat 3x3 FSL (from Tuesday) or DB Squat 3x10?

Bench 3x5 Pros/FSL 2x5-8

DB Press 3x10

Pulldowns 5x10

Face Pulls 5x10/Triceps Extensions 3x10 - Triceps Press Downs 2x10


Squat 3x5 Pros/FSL 2x5-8

Stiff-legged dead lift 3x6-8
Ab Work 3x15

Prowler Walks

Overhead Press 3x5 Pros/FSL 2x5-8

DB Bench 3x10

DB Rows 5x10

Band Pull-Apart 5x10/Bicep Curl 3x10 – Hammer Curl 2x10


Light Squat 3x3 FSL (from Tuesday) or DB Squat 3x10

Trap Bar Deadlift 3x5 Pros/FSL 2x5-8
Ab work 3x15

Prowler Walks

Personally, I would do DB squats of 3x10 rather than more barbell squats.

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Why do you feel the need to even add an extra squat day? Do you not get enough leg work in with the squat day and 2 prowler walk days?

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Use the DB squat.

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