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Light-Headed with 1500 Calorie Diet

I am trying the low calorie diet, exactly as described in you books, and have since noticed that I am light-headed almost every time I stand up or bend down. I am a pretty healthy 46, about 219 lbs at 6’… is there an acclimation time that I just need to power through, or do I need to up the calories a little and work my way back down?


Or maybe even increase calories but also increase activity (e.g. walking)?

How many calories were you eating before going on this diet?

Honestly, I was not tracking. My guess would be around 3000.

I’d say go up to 1800 calories a day for a week and then go down by 100 calories each two-week period until you get to 1500. Then, stay at that level until you reach your goal.

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Thank you!