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Light Headed at the Top of the Snatch

I hold my breath and flex my abs when I perform the Snatch to keep the intrabdominal pressure up to stabilize the spine etc
But when I finish the movement and the bar is above my head, I release the air, and suddenly I get this light headed feeling, almost dizziness. The bar suddenly feels a LOT heavier, and I struggle to bring it down under control (There’s no platform at the gym)

In that video of Pat Mendes snatching 207kg, (I snatch 61kg…) he holds his breath at the top and then releases it and says, ‘I’m so good’ (What a beast) As soon as he releases his breath, is where I would feel dizzy and light headed.

Does this happen to anyone else?
Does anyone know why it happens and how to stop it?


Maybe try not releasing the air until you have lowered the bar.

That’s actually a really good idea I’ll give it a shot tomorrow

Today while Snatching during one of the sets I didn’t let my breath go at the top, and when I brought the bar down I got this huge headrush (not a good thing) I was dizzy and disoriented and had to sit down for a bit

So that didn’t really work out but thanks for the suggestion

I’d say don’t think about it too much. Your breathing as far as I’ve experienced should be as natural as possible. If you try to take a huge breath, then holding from start till finish, its not natural. Many lifters scream which releases(in a natural way) your breath and still keeps the abs tight. However don’t scream or grunt on purpose either unless you’ve tried it and it worked. However if you are intent on doing that, release your breath slowly and steadily.

Yea, maybe I’m making more of this than it really is
I’ll just try and be more natural with my breathing