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Light Hamstring Pull Recovery Time?

Hello people, How long does a light hamstring pull put me out? I was eager this morning to take my deadlifting to a new level when on the second set I gave up after 2 reps. It has been dogging me on a low level for several weeks now and I just used the theory that I will train through it until it heals.

Often that works out, but maybe because I also didn’t get an optimal sleep last night my focus wasn’t perfect, and this is the result.

I am not doing squats on Tuesday and look forward to the opportunity to work harder on my bench etc.

On Friday I would be doing squats again with the Rippetoe program I am on and wonder if anyone thinks i shouldn’t be gunning for it that soon…

I’d say rest longer/use lighter weight.

I have a rule, if it hurts don’t do it. If you feel any pain don’t do anything, you will just inflame it more. best thing is to just rest mybe get a massage or try a heat pack on it to recover quicker.I wouldn’t try and push through it just takes longer to get better. honestly the best thing you can do is rest and let it get better, then when it has healed i would go out of my way to make it stronger. I have done this once and it didn’t take long for it to heal mybe two weeks but i only had a slight strain. The longer it goes on for the worse it is and takes even longer to recover, well thats my experence.Hope that helps you…