Light Exercises for After an Operation

I’m having some oral surgery soon, and for 1-2 weeks I can’t do any serious physical activity. Taking a week off won’t cause muscle loss, will it? I’ll make sure to take plenty of BCAAs and get enough calories. I’ve been lifting for 8 months straight, and for the last month I’ve been doing a 5x5 program.

So I’m thinking lots of pushups and dips. Maybe bodyweight squats. I want to wait at least a week before I touch the weights. Any other ideas?

If your calories are above maintenance i see no reason why you would lose muscle. Especially with enough protein. It depends what you’re having surgery on really. Bodyweight exercises can still be pretty rough on you when you’re in that state.

Of course there will be some discrepancy. A tonsillectomy is different than a tipple bypass as far as recovery.