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Light Cycle. Test Enathate + Winstrol, AI Question

Hey guys I am currently on trt 140 mg p/w and I was thinking bumping up my testosterone and adding some winstrol for 8 weeks.Currently 200 pounds,10%bf, 5’ 11’’.
My plan is to use:
test enathate 400 mg p/w
Winstrol 40mg per day
I may add some primobolan if my source has any legit stuff (difficult to find legit primo around here nowdays). My test is pharma grade.
How much arimidex should I take during the cycle? Do you have any other compounds (except trenbolone, I’ll never use that shit ever again) that I may add to the cycle? I am looking for some solid muscle and some fat loss.

I’d use adex at .5mg eod.

As for the other compounds, well, that’s up to you. Lots to choose from.

Thanks for the reply man. Any suggestions? I m looking for a little bit of hardness, muscle gain and fat loss.

the test and winstrol will do that.

Honestly, instead of adding another compound I would just bump up the test dose

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