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Light Cutting Stack Advice

i have a buddy who’s been asking for my advice on putting together a diet/work out/cycle - told him i can help with the diet and workout but i am at a loss for the cycle. he’s a fairly experienced trainer with about 5 years under his belt. he told me he’s looking to lose about 20 lbs so i suggested to him Meltdown 1 plus a modified T-Dawg 2 with some carb flexibilty might do the trick.

As far as the cycle goes i recommened a combo of Clen/T3/4AD (he still has some of the Biotest liquid formula frozen in his fridge!). He also has Mag10 but I told him to save that until he gets down to where he wants to be as far as bf% goes (goes about 255 around 20% bf). Do you think the combo I suggested would do the trick? Thanks for your help!

I’m a little concerned about a ‘fairly experienced trainer’ who can’t set up his own diet and workout, nor get his body fat levels much lower without drugs. Not trying to be an ass, but what’s the deal with him?

Sounds like someone loves eating…

If he is an experienced trainer why is he asking for advice?


I can’t speak for him but he asked me for advice because his cardio wasn’t cutting it, diet variations weren’t working…etc. I first suggested some heavy GPP like sleds/tire flipping but he said he didn’t have access to implements such as that. Then I asked if he has had bloodwork done to check his thyroid function and t-levels - he said he did and everything came out o.k. He seemed pretty bent on using some extra help so I recommended what I wrote above. How does it sound to you guys?

He basically want to get into summer “shape”…whateve that means. I am gonna go push my dads truck around and eat a steak now…thanks for the replys!