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Ligandrol Cycle

Dear all,

First post on here!

I am 32 years old and have about 4 years of lifting experience under my belt. I am around 180lbs at 5’9", 12% bf.

I wanted more information regarding ligandrol. I understand other oral AAS suppress endogenous testosterone production and therefore a test base is reccomended.

However the idea of a selective androgen receptor modulator with over 500x tissue affinity for muscle/bone vs prostate is very appealing. I also understand it doesnt reduce LH and FSH is minimally supressed.

I was wondering whether ligandrol requires a “test base”, also are there any individuals that dont reccommend ligandrol and why?

Any personal experiences would also be welcomed.

The plan would be 8-12 weeks ligandrol, with a proper PCT for 4 weeks following.

Kindest regards


LGD is suppressive make no mistake. What is your cycle experience and goals? If you’re new to it why choose a relatively new product that is not well researched over testosterone? Rather the devil you know…

First ever PED cycle. Goals is to recomp gain a few lbs of lean mass and lose a few lbs of fat.

The reason ligandrol appeals to me:-

  1. its oral
  2. easy to attain through legit means in the UK
  3. high affinity for skeletal muscle, so potentially less effects on the prostate, liver
  4. not as supressive as AAS.


So 1, 2, and 3 are legitimately good answers. However, 4 is absolutely not true. Don’t believe what you’ve been told. There is blood work all over other forums showing just how suppressive LGD is. As far as effects on the prostate you shouldn’t be concerned. A short cycle won’t make much of an impact. It’s when you use longer term that you see prostate issues flare up. And as far as liver issues those can be wildly exaggerated in most oral steroids. Again, with a short cycle you’re less likely to do a ton of damage unless you’re using higher doses.

Either way, you’ll have to run a SERM when you’re done, so why not get more out of your cycle instead of going the oral-only route?

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