Ligandrol 4033 Side Effects?

anyone know of any side effects related to sleep issues or night time heart palpitations from using LGD? not sure if its the lgd or just from high intensity workouts, but the last few weeks ive been experiencing these issues occasionally. any info would be greatly appreciated.

This drug lowers LH/FSH, TT, FT and E2 with varying degrees. Some individuals may have changes that are beyond what is documented.

Lower LH/FSH affects testes and production of other testicular hormones, including pregnenolone which in turn can affect adrenal hormones.

So negative effects are possible and individuals can react differently. We know from TRT guys that hCG can affect the brain directly in a good way, so some will feel the loss of LH/FSH directly as well.

I suggest that you see what happens if or when you stop this drug. Note changes to:

  • brain fog or clarity of thought
  • libido
  • energy
  • your stated concerns

If you stop, published data suggests that one would ‘recover’ [my terminology] in 5 weeks. But that was based on been on for only 3 weeks.

If you combined this drug with testosterone, you could eliminate the effects of dropping T levels. But that would totally shutdown LH/FSH as expected.

As I always point out, thyroid function is as important as one sex hormones. fT3 controls the energy levels of every cell, tissue, organ system and brain. Thyroid is basically ignored in BB forums.

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wow thank you for the detailed response. i am going to take some time off to see if it is related or purely coincidental. it may be worth mentioning that i crossfit several days a week, and that initially i thought it was maybe a combo of the very high intensity along with the drug itself. however reading through several analysis regarding LGD, there were seemingly no negative cardiovascular side effects. also maybe worth mentioning, i take one capsule in the morning around 730am with my morning shake, and then the second around 5/530pm before my 630pm workout.
thanks again for the help!!!

I took lgd for a month with test cyp and yk11 and didn’t notice any heart palms, only my sleep was sweaty, and I didn’t need much sleep. 4-6 hrs and I was good… I wasn’t doing any crossfire, just weight training. Hope youre all good and I hope this helps.

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thanks homie!

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