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Lifts for One Year of Training


what are some good bench marks to reach after a year of lifting? i statred in mid january and 6 months is coming up (height 5'11)
i went from:
squat: 135x5 with a lot of effort to a 225x5 as of mid may
bench: 95x5 to 160x5 mid may
deadlift: 135x5 to 255x5 mid may
weight: 160 to about 178-180 mid may

just wanted to set a reachabel goal for the end of the year, i had a nail avulsion and fractred toe from droping a dumbell on my big toe so it slowed me down abit on the squat i still squated just didnt wanna push any prs sense the pain plus i wanted it to heal.

also 2 other questions: were do you buy liquid chalk? my sweaty hands are hurting my deadlift.
on the squat my wrists are starting to hurt cuase there bent on low bar. How could i fix it? wider grips make it hard to balance the bar and while the pain isnt too bad, im afraind in the long run it might mess my wrists up.


age 16


GREAT progress on the lifts! Hard to tell on the bodyweight without seeing pics, but it seems you could have gained just a bit more in six months. Just remember that when your lifts start to stall, eat more and they'll start moving up again.

Liquid chalk is more expensive and doesn't work as well as block chalk. Just stuff a block in a ziploc and rub it on your hands. Most of the time nobody will say anything as long as you don't make a mess. $12 will get enough to last a very long time.

Sounds like your upper back isn't tight enough on squats. Take a little wider grip (it may take a few times to find a happy spot) and flex your upper back tight. You'll find that the bigger you get, the wider your grip will have to be. As your back muscles get thicker, they hold the bar further off your spine, and there's not as much 'room' for your forearms.


With regard to your goals, its really tough to say. You're at an age right now where some crazy shit is possible. Just keep the weight moving up and eat and sleep plenty.


Should easily reach 4 plates on deadlift, and 3 plates on squat. Bench, hard to say but probably 2 plates would be good to aim for.



I had read an article that gave a good baseline for measuring strength based on your bodyweight: deadlift - 2-2.5 x BW; squat - 2.25 x BW; bench - 1.5-1.8 x BW; chins - BW + 50-70% (for 1 rep).

To me this is a much more effective manner than a random number based on what 1 person feels is a good weight without considering anything about the individual. That's the same mentality of the idiots in the gym who leave a 45 plate loaded on the squat rack and say, "Well you shouldn't be here if you can't do at least that". Really, Stupid? what about the 5'1" woman weighing 105 lbs?

You are still only 16 and not only your weight but your body composition will change rapidly. My first year of high school I played rugby and got my ass HANDED to me. I was 5'6" about 160lbs (not much of it was muscle). I hit the weight room hard and by next year I had moved up to 185 with a lot less fat. I was able to hold my own a lot better against some of the bruisers I was playing.

Now I'm 40 and couldn't make a physical change that dramatic if I tried (except for stopping the gym and gorging on ice cream!). That said, I feel I'm now a lot stronger than I was then.


And to echo JayPierce, this is a major player. Of course, eat quality food not shite.