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Lifts Best for Athletisicm


Lets say your sport is being awesome or whatever you want.

What lifts are you going to pick to support that? Unconventional lifts can be included too. Like if you think rolling a giant boulder up a hill like Sysyphus (sp?) is one of the best, sure, include it.

I’m going with box squats, push presses, power cleans, and zercher squats.

I don’t think much of anything develops explosive hip drive better than a Westside style box squat.

Power cleans are awesome for developing both explosive knee and hip drive and also learning how to absorb impact from a heavy weight.

I like the idea of a push press because you have to push as hard as you can all the way through the lift and you have to be able to absorb the force of the press through your entire torso to stay stable. Also, you learn how to synchronize lower body and upper body pressing.

I like zerchers because it feels so much like squatting down to pick up a heavy rock or something like that off the ground. It feels almost kind of raw and primitive. I’m still playing around with this lift, but I have high hopes for it.

I totally get that athleticism is sport dependent, but hell, even if your sport is table tennis and you think that’s the most badass most athletic sport around, what lifts do you think would support that if that’s your thing?


Deadlift. I just like picking up heavy things. So it supports the whole being awesome Fletch1986 talked about.


Sorry mods, I meant to put this in bigger stronger leaner. :slight_smile:

I think I already know what kind of replies I’ll get here haha.


I’ll be quite loose with this:

Oly-lift (any kind) and/or Deadlift (trap bar or conventional)
Overhead press (any kind)
Squat (any kind)

There is no sport these would do harm to you. Actually all the big movements in gym will get you stronger which is good. You don’t train sport specific movements with a barbell (or at least athletes I know don’t), you train to get stronger or/and bigger in your sport.