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Lifts are Stalling and I Don't Know What Routine to Do Anymore


Im 18,181cm and 76kg. I’ve been doing 5/3/1 BTM and my lifts are stalling and honestly im tired of this workout plan. I want a change.

I want an intense and athletic routine like 5/3/1. I hate working out and not doing intense workouts or workouts that work on my muscles but not my athleticism (5/3/1 improved my jump,sprint speed, conditioning,etc)

My lifts are:

OHP: 40kg
Bench Press: 65kg
Squat: 90kg
Deadlift: 110kg
Barbell Row: 70kg

As far as I know, BTM (‘Building The Monolith’ I assume) is a high volume 5/3/1 program. Perhaps a more intense program with a bit less volume would be just what the doctor ordered, for example “Limited time widowmaker” for 2 cycles?

What does your recovery look like? Are you following the nutritional guidelines laid out by Jim?

There are hundreds of variations of 531, none of which will work if you don’t take care of recovery.

Just to clarify: I had a spare 5mins so I went back and looked at your history on here. You’re weight is exactly the same in all 3 of your nearly identical threads. Your lifts haven’t increased, and have probably regressed slightly. Every time you’ve been given the same advice by people bigger and stronger than you. Maybe it’s time to start listening?


I think it would be good if you elaborated on this a bit more. How many weeks in on BTM are you? When you say “stalling”, do you mean you are having an issue completing the program (ie. sets and reps) as written?

What are your goals, and are you training specifically for a sport?

How long have you been lifting weights consistently?

Are these your Training Maxes, a 1RM you have actually lifted, or an Estimated 1RM?

Judging by your post history which dagill2 described, your age, your weight, and your lifts I am going to assume your somewhat new to lifting. BTM is a lot to take on for a newer lifter. Its a tonne of work. Which is also why you need to eat properly. I am not sure there are many 18 year olds who have the finanacial capability to eat 1.5 lbs of ground beef a day along with the rest.

Maybe just start with the orginal program for 8-12 months and go from there? Or even a more basic beginner program like Stronglifts 5x5 and transition to 5/3/1 after you have run that to completion?

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