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LiftingLarge Titan Spartan Squat Deadlift Powerlifting Suit

Hello, can you Squat and Deadlift in the Titan Spartan Squat and Deadlift powerlifting Suit? According to the Titan, you can, but I want to confirm if anyone has tried this and had good results.

You can, just depends on your squat style and how much you’re willing to commit to it.


Wouldn’t it also depend on whether you get the wide or narrow stance version?


Thank you.

I had one. Used it for both squat and deadlift. I had a wide stance and pulled sumo in it. Best sumo pull raw at the time was 465 and 550 in the suit if that tells you anything. 530 raw squat at the time and 601 in the suit with plenty left over.

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Those are odd numbers. Was the squat wrapped (depends on who you talk to if that is raw or not)?

I’ve had my wrapped squat over my deadlift at times, but not my raw raw squat. Now the deadlift has made some progress, so even the wrapped squat is lower.


Raw squat was with wraps.

I normally do not pull sumo raw. Conventional raw pull was 525. I pulled sumo in the suit because it kept my hips tight.

I have bad deadlift leverages. Short arms and long torso. Better with squat and bench.


osu122975 thank you for answering my question!

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