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Lifting with Total or Partial Knee Replacement?

Anyone here still lifting heavy with either of these surgeries done?

I’m 37. Three past surgeries on the left knee which never worked out. Looking into a partial knee replacement and can’t find much info on people who actually used to lift heavy and play sports that have had it done. I wanna know from someone who’s gone through this and what I can expect for future activity level.


Havent heard of people doing really heavy stuff, but it can be done. Sports are more interesting depending on how much twisting is needed. What I do know is that it would wear the prosthesis faster while doing high level activities like this. Generally insurance does not like to do them at your age because you would prolly run through like 3 of those at least with current technology. Look at Dave Tate, dudes crazy and squatted like a few hundred a couple months after a total hip replacement.

I’m headed in the same direction and had the same questions. I have not found any feedback of a practical nature. Would love to hear from an avid lifter and what they were able to accomplish after a partial knee replacement

What surgeries did you have, if you dont mind me asking?

The only thing I would be concerned about is a sport with lots of pivoting or direction change and what the manufacturer says is the maximum tolerated weight of the prosthesis. Not sure how well a prosthesis tolerates rapid pivoting and requirements of sports like tennis, etc. If your prosthesis can handle 400lbs and you want to squat 500… well, bad news. Otherwise, particularly with weight lifting, a knee replacement should work the same. Just like your real knee, lifting will wear the prosthesis out faster, but at 37 youre going to have 2-3 replacements anyways if you start now.