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Lifting with Stitches?


Put my hand through a window at work about 4 days ago, the glass cut down at an angle missed the artery and most of the tendon in my wrist. However I am left with a laceration thats about 3 inches long and rather deep, their is less than 10% damage to a tendon.
Its all being held together with 14 mattress stitches.
I dont see a doctor for another 2 weeks(to have the stitches removed)

The injury no longer bleeds and its about a 1/10 in pain/stiffness

Should i avoid everything that uses my hands in the gym or just drop the weight?


Pain is a decent guide. If you have to take 2 weeks off dont stress out about it. Better to rest one week too long than one day to short and really make it worse


I had stitches in my forearm a few months ago, and ending up tearing them while lifting.
It was in a place where I didnt think it would matter...