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Lifting With Shoulder DJD

Hey, guys. I had a SLAP II repair done four months ago, which has healed without complications. This should come as source of relief to all of the rest of us who are in the throes of this issue or who will someday deal with it.

The question I have is the following: during diagnostic arthroscopy there was a small amount of articular cartilage that had to be removed from the humeral head (adjacent to the biceps tendon attachment on the glenoid). This constututes a bit of DJD, which the orthopod told me is not serious at this point, but precludes lifting heavily. He likened it to running a marathon after a menisectomy.

What would you guys do at this point to keep training without hastening the progression of the DJD? I used 90-100# DBs before for inclines, now I’m considering 50s or so. So far, there are no real symptoms when I lift, save for popping when I do 15# DB external rotations. It’s probably cartilage defect rubbing against bone, and when I use the Theraband (red-heaviest band) I don’t get the popping, so I dropped DB externals.

Sorry for the somewhat rambling query, but I’m in shock thinking I won’t lift much more at the age of 37.

Thanks to all of you guys who regularly post in response to our questions.

dont know what to say, but i have DJD in both shoulders, and have been having to compromise loading and exercise selection soooo much that my training today barely resembles what i did in my youth.

youth: flat barbell bench 325x5 RAW paused, incline close grip bench 335x3, incline dumbell bench 100lbx20-25 reps, BNP 275x5, etc, etc.

now: bench press: NONE, shoulder press: NONE, you get the picture(see my log)

all i can say is good luck.