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Lifting with Greenstick Fractures?

I fell off a stepladder Monday. It was bad enough we took me to the urgent care clinic because I couldn’t move my fingers on my hand for about 30 minutes.
I’ve got a greenstick on my radius and my tibia.
I also wrenched the crap out of my back.

I wasn’t really coherent enough at the clinic to think to ask this then: is it safe to lift with greenstick fractures? Or do I need to let them heal before I do weightbearing stuff on them?

And can someone tell me how to NOT be a klutz?

You need to stay away from upper body lifts for a few weeks. If you put too much stress on your forearms with a greenstick fracture, then you could easily snap your radius and ulna into pieces. I don’t see why you couldnt do lower body lifts, cardio, and abs.

tibia’s the shin–damn, does that mean no lower too?

Just no load bearing work on the lower body. Are you a teen? cause normally adult bones just break all the way? But from a fall greenstick’s can and do happen. Good side is, it will heal faster than a full fracture if and only if you let it! If your hand and forearm are cleared you can do some upper body stuff but be mindful of your spine as it may have been banged around a little. Im assuming by the fact you can type your concussion has worn off and gone away. lol

I’m 28, so unfortunately not still a teen. It was a short fall, but it was onto concrete–I was in the process of stepping from the second to last to the last step and something went wrong and I wound up on the patio with the ladder on top of me and my left leg sticking through the rungs.

edit: this wasn’t really what I’d hoped to hear but I’m glad I did! Thanks for the advice ya’ll.

I’m like everyone else and assuming you meant to say radius and ulna (not tibia). Fractures are better than strains or tears so you should be okay in a few weeks. I would suggest you train the uninjured side of the body while you recover, it will help in limiting your strength lose on the injured side. I would much rather have one strong side than two weak sides in a few weeks. Good luck.