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Lifting with Carpal Tunnel


Anyone here lifting with Carpal Tunnel syndrome? Just started noticing it probably from the highly physical and repetitive job I have. I'm waking up with literally no to little strength in my grip and keep waking up throughout the night from my hands falling asleep/tingling with pain. I started stretching my wrists out and rolling them with a tennis ball, but any ideas on how I can increase my grip with CTS without making it worse??

One thought I had was resorting to straps, but I would rather not if anyone else has any decent alternatives.....?


I train a guy that had a stroke and has lost the use of his left hand.
This will not help build up grip stength, but may me useful if you have a day in the gym where you cant grip.

I use the straps traditionally used to do a hanging knee raise, and hook it onto his arm so we can still do various pulls etc
without having to use the hand.