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Lifting with Broken Blood Vessels?

i have a huge ass bruise on my my bicep which takes up about the whole thing except for the lower left side of my bicep.

about a week or more ago me n my friend were horsin around punchin each other but he was bein a dick n hittin me harder than i was hitten him, anyway it felt sore out of nowhere like 2 or 3 days later on my arm day so i couldnt even lift. so i did it the next day cause my shoulder was better but the day after that i got this huge ass bruise on my arm. i figure its gonna be fine to lift with it but idk i just wanted to make sure.

ill see how long it takes to get a good response up cause i feel like going to the gym right now and if i dont get an answer i aint waiting.

bicep tear ?

I suggest you stop jerking off.

i already went, im still alive and my arm is still attached. its all good in the hood baby. its not a bicep tear either, its burst blood vessels, theres no pain on it whatsoever.

i have the same thing on my chest in smaller scale, it looks like i got hit with a baseball.

Try it. If it bothers you shut it down right away, don’t tough it out.

the only thing thats fucked is my right shoulder. i was doing incline hammer curls with the 55’s and it felt like it was going to come out of its socket lol but i still got like 6 out. then it felt fucked again during reverse benching but i lived actually wait, i did reverse bench first then inc. curls.