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Lifting with AC Injury

On February 19th I separated my AC joint. Its a grade 1, the lowest and least severe, and I’ve been cleared to lift. That being said, I’m still doing physical therapy 3x per week for the next 3 weeks. I used 3lb dumbbells to do a modified rear delt raise yesterday, and it was hard as hell. I can’t press, bench press, oly lift, front squat, pullup, row, or deadlift.

I can squat, if I use the grip that Max Aita used for a while with the straps attached to the barbell (I don’t have a safety squat bar, though that would come in handy right now). I can do situps, though I can’t add weight at the moment. I can do one arm stuff, but I don’t want to develop a big left side deficit. I can curl, and do light pulldowns and tricep extensions on a cable machine.

I’d like to squat heavy asap, which is why today I am going to go get back into squatting after 3.5 weeks. I’m sure I didn’t lose much strength, and I just have to get used to the new grip for now. However, I’m a bit worried I’m going to develop massive imbalances from essentially JUST squatting for a long time as the only heavy exercise.

Does anyone have any ideas of other exercises I can do? I mean I can try anything, but essentially for a while, anything involving the shoulder girdle besides rehab is out. Any help is appreciated!