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Lifting With a Broken Finger

I smashed my finger a little over a week and a half ago. Actually, it was the 35lb plate that fell off its peg and slammed onto my left middle finger breaking it and splitting it open.
So anyways, I’m back to lifting again but I am very restricted as to what I can do. I can do all presses be it dumbell or barbell.

However, I can’t really grab the barbell or dumbell, or anything for that matter. (i.e. can’t do bent rows, cable rows, dumbell curls…etc) I’m pretty straight for my chest and tri’s and I can do military for my shoulders. What I need is some thoughts on how to get in some back work and some more shoulder work. Thanks!

do you have any training gear? i mean you should have some kind of wrist straps to help you hold on to the weight…without using much finger power…

Yeah, that’s what i’ve been using for my presses. Still doesn’t help me much for pulling movements.

[quote]gym rat wrote:
Yeah, that’s what i’ve been using for my presses. Still doesn’t help me much for pulling movements.[/quote]

you use that for presses???

the one i’m talking about is what people usually used for pulling moevments, e.g. deadlifts. not just wrapping the wrist, but with extension part for holding the bar.

Ahhh, no, I don’t have the hooks. Previously I’ve only used my wrist straps for shrugs and other pulling movements. But with my finger, I’ve started using the straps for presses. However, I could get some hooks and see if they are any better than the straps.

You only broke ONE finger, and you feel restricted? That’s insane. I can’t count the number of fingers I’ve broken. I have a really low threshold for pain too (I’m a wuss) – maybe after the throbbing goes away, you’ll be fine. You can accomplish much more with just 4 fingers (including the thumb) than you think…now if you broke your thumb, that’s a different story.

I tore tendons in my middle finger and had to wear one of those metal brace things while it healed. I didn’t have any problems lifting other than flipping everyone in the gym off when I did curls LOL…

This is the best i could think up:

Lie flat on your back with your elbows touching the ground (forearms perpendicular to the floor) and feet on a bench. Then push your torso off the ground with your elbows. The farther your elbows get from your body, the harder it gets. I have no idea how dangerous this is for your shoulders, but it might be enough to maintain your upper back. Other than that i’d just do lots of squats and good mornings.

i also broke my finger…same finger as you have. what i did was buddy tape it and suck it up. no reason to stop due to one lil break. its gonna hurt but just get mad and consintrate more on the weight than on the pain. it will help you with later injuries.